What are your rental qualifications?

    - Our application fee is $50 per person or $75 if married
    - We perform credit, criminal, and eviction checks
    - We also verify employment and rental history
    - A gross monthly income is required (three times the amount of monthly rent you'd have to pay)
    - Employment not through a temporary service for at least 3 months is required

    How do I checkout a key to see a vacancy?

    - Keys are available weekdays (Monday-Friday from 9 am  to 3 pm)
    - To check out a key, you will need to bring a Photo ID and  a $20 cash deposit that will be refunded when the key is returned
    - Certain properties may require an appointment to be made with one of our agents

    What are the lease terms?

    - Leases are for one year minimum

    How long will you 'hold' a unit?

    - Within 48 hours of a deposit, application fee, and application being accepted; and a newly signed leased- we will hold a property for approximately 3-4 weeks

    Does Providence Management accept VISA/MasterCard for regular monthly rent payments after move-in?

    - No. The payment methods accepted are personal check or money order.
    - However, we offer an electronic payment option at no extra charge. Visit HERE and call us for instructions

    Do you allow pets?

    - Yes; pets are conditional depending on the type of property and other factors.  Call us for additional information

    How do I turn 'on' the utilities?

    - Complete information about all utility services can be found HERE.

    How do I pay my rent after office hours?

    - We have an afterhours drop box at the front entrance of our building that is checked daily during office hours
    - You can also pay your rent online. Visit HERE and call us for instructions

    What happens if my rent is late?

    - Rent is due on the first of each month and late after the 5th. You will have until the 15th to pay rent plus the late fee.  We will file eviction on the 16th of every month against non-payment of rent

How do I report routine maintenance?

- You can call or email us 704.853.0025 - Email: rentals@providenceNC.com

Can I change the locks or keys to my unit?

- This is not permitted

Can I paint the property I'm living in?

- This is possible with special permission from Providence Management

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