Expanding Your Portfolio

Providence Management & Investments, LLC achieves excellence in property management through our commitment and dedication to outstanding customer service and accountability, transforming our client’s investment goals into reality.

Investing in real estate can be a very lucrative business, as well as a terrific way to diversify your investment portfolio. Whether you’re an experienced investor or considering buying your first property, we can help you find properties to meet your financial goals and provide you with a secondary passive income stream.  We are your one-stop-shop for all your real estate investment needs.

How we can expand your portfolio


Investing in fixer-uppers or Flips

There are some homes that can’t be sold the traditional way because they are outdated or rundown. While this might be a deal breaker for an individual looking to purchase a home for their family, as a company, it is not a deal breaker for us. Providence Management & Investments can purchase a piece of property, renovate it, and sell it quickly to make a profit for you as an investor. We remove the headaches that usually come with buying real estate as an investment and we take care of the details.

Investing in rental properties

Investing in rental properties can be a very fruitful endeavor. When it comes to finding and purchasing rental properties, you want to ensure you have a knowledgeable, experienced partner to help you in your search. Providence Management & Investments, LLC will be that knowledgeable partner for you.

We want you to put your money to work today so you have more money in the future. Buying long-term rental properties can provide a reliable source of passive income. There is little for you to do when you partner with us since as your property management company, we will take care of the details of finding qualified tenants and maintaining the property. We will also collect the rent from the tenants and deal with those who are behind, respond to maintenance requests, and keep detailed records of everything that happens to your property.

Why use Providence Management & Investments, LLC

When you choose us as your property management company, you can rest in the fact that we have the knowledge and resources in all matters that affect your bottom line. And as a good Property Management company we have a team of people who know the rental market and know it well. They can advise you on rent rates, and areas that typically see better appreciation vs. cash flow, property taxes, and other valuable insights. You can count on us to get you the best deal when purchasing a property and turn around quickly because we understand that time is money. So no matter how you choose to diversify your investment portfolio and no matter whether you’re an experienced investor or just getting started, we can help you meet your financial goals. Contact us today at (704) 853-0025  to get started. Or visit our website for more information. https://providencenc.com/



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